a t-shirt for old data center guys, Old Guys Rule

I've been working with in the Technology industry for over 30 years.  5 years at HP, 7 years at Apple, 14 years at Microsoft, and 6 years on my own.

In one of my Skype video chat sessions a friend saw my Old Guys Rule t-shirt.

A badge of honor.
There comes a time in your life when comfort meets substance. When all your hard work seems to have paid dividends, and the world is at your command. All the things you hoped you could do someday, you're doing. The toils of youth are now your experiences... no longer the student, but the teacher.

To celebrate your accomplishments we offer up "Old Guys Rule" to be worn as a badge of honor for a life well spent, but not nearly over...



I'll see if any of my other data center friends buy an "old guys rule" t-shirt as well.