Demonstration of what could be done with information sharing, a path to lower costs and less waste

Data Centers almost never share information on its operations.  This is what hospitals used to be like.  But, more and more hospitals are sharing information so they gain insight into best practices.

Seattletimes has an AP article that discusses a discovery on better procedures for knee surgery.

The hospital is part of a national collaborative that's analyzing a range of high-volume, high-cost medical procedures and conditions to see which approaches result in the best outcomes and the lowest costs. Its findings on knee replacements were published last week, but several of the health systems already have made changes based on the results.

For example, Dartmouth-Hitchcock is considering having a dedicated team of anesthesiologists, nurses and technicians assigned to knee replacements after seeing that another hospital with such a team had the shortest average operating time, which is associated with fewer complications.

Wouldn't it be great if data centers could share its procedures and results.  Why is it so secret to discuss maintenance operations on power and cooling equipment?