Difficulty of being a Green Data Center

Some of data center crowd thinks they can be green in the data center with a LEED certification and a low PUE.

Greenpeace has not made these items as a criteria of who dirties the cloud.

One of the sessions yesterday at OCP was on environmental strategies and the data center.

I was sitting next to Stacey Higganbotham and she did a great job posting on this subject.

It’s not easy being green: Data center edition

Facebook’s Prineville data center.

Building sustainable data centers is hard — especially if you’re trying to do it in office space in Houston. Plus, the idea of operating some kind of power-generation plant for offering renewable energy such as solar or biogas is a scary prospect for data center operators. These were among the key takeaways (along with a few less-obvious lessons) from a panel on sustainable data centers at the Open Compute Summit held today in San Antonio, Texas.





Why write when Stacey already has? I'll just throw up some more pictures of the panel.