Heading to GigaOm Structure, some of the Data Center Related topics

I went to GigaOm Structure for the first time last year as a blogger.  I am attending again this year as a GigaOm Pro Analyst.


Here are a few of the companies that look interesting from a data center perspective.

  • Atlantis Computing goes beyond the VDI market and makes it possible to leverage commodity servers for storage-intensive virtualized applications in cloud environments. 
  • Cluttr focuses on helping companies manage their data centers more efficiently and responsibly, with a smaller environmental footprint.
  • ComputeNext is a transparent marketplace for consumers and providers of cloud services that empowers choice and enables the search, purchase, and utilization of compute resources.     
  • Garantia Data is a fully automated cloud service for reliable memcached and infinitely-scalable redis, requiring zero management and guaranteeing absolutely no data loss.            
  • Keen provides analytics infrastructure as a service for mobile applications.
  • MLstate is the provider of Opa, a new open source cloud development language designed to accelerate time-to-market for high-performance, massively scalable, exceptionally secure services and applications on any connected device.        
  • OneOps enables organizations to design cloud-based applications that align software requirements with business goals, automating the transition to agile operations.    
  • Tempo is the data layer for the measured world, purpose-built to store and analyze massive streams of time-series data generated by sensors and connected devices.
I'll be there for both days. I know DatacenterKnowledge's Rich Miller attends and DatacenterDynamics's Yevgeniy usually attend.  It's a great event to learn something new.