One of the most unstable factors in a data center site is the economic situation

To be a green data center you need a sustainable solution that reduces your environmental impact.  This is complicated in itself figuring out the power grid, local weather conditions, and designing an efficient solution.  What few talk about is the #1 thing that will cause the top guys to go from one state to another though are the taxes.

Mike Manos's posts on his observation on the pay to play game to get data centers to be in a state can backfire.

The Pay to Play that I am referring to is an emerging set of regulations and litigation techniques that require companies to pay tax bills upfront (without any kind of recourse or mediation) which then forces companies to litigate to try and recover those taxes if unfair.   Increasingly I am seeing this in states where the budgets are challenged and governments are looking for additional funds and are targeting Internet based products and services. 

If the state your data center is in not financially healthy then you could be in for a few surprises.

It does beg the question as to whether or not you have checked into the financial health of the States you may be hosting your data and services in.   Have you looked at the risk that this may pose to your business?  It may be something to take a look at!