Data Center staff vs IT Pros, 7x24 Exchange vs. TechEd

This is my 2nd time visiting 7x24 Exchange in Orlando.  Last year, I sat next to two friends who just happened to be on the flight from SEA to MCO.  One was going to a Gartner IT conference another who is ex-Microsoft was on his way for a summer vacation with his daughter.

This year I noticed the plane flights were booked and expensive to go from SEA to MCO, then I found Microsoft's TechEd conference is in Orlando the same time as 7x24 Exchange.  I used to go to Microsoft TechEd for years and years.  What is TechEd?  It is Microsoft's premier IT Pro event and is sold out.


  • Windows 8: Learn how Windows 8 will deliver a no-compromise experience for your business, helping you deliver the experiences people will love and the enterprise grade capabilities that IT departments require.
  • Microsoft cloud solutions: Find out how Microsoft private cloud, built with Windows Server Hyper-V and System Center, puts your applications first. It offers you deep application insight, a comprehensive cross platform approach, best-in-class performance, and the power to run, migrate, or extend your applications and workloads between Private, Public, and Hybrid Cloud environments.

I am here in Orlando for 7x24 Exchange.


I have spoken at both conferences and spent hours and hours engaged with staff, logistics, and getting to know the attendees.

Bottom line: I look forward to going to 7x24 Exchange to see great people and discuss new ideas.  And, I have no desire to go to another Microsoft TechEd conference.  I have so much more fun in the data center world than IT Pro world.

Bridging the gap between the Data Center Staff and IT Pros is a common topic that consultants, analysts, and media bring up, but I don't get too excited with what I have seen most write.

The World's are very different and it will be interesting to maybe write on more on the Data Center World vs. IT Pro World.

On Thurs when I go back from MCO to SEA, the flight will be packed with Microsoft's heading home.  We'll see how many smiles I see.  i have no doubt that 7x24 Exchange will be a good experience for me, and I'll have a smile.