MacBook Pro or MacBook Air; Are you a Creator or Consumer?

Forbes has an article with a write who looked at the MacBook Pro Retina and chose the Macbook Air.

What is disappointed with articles like this is the author doesn't take the time to explain their needs, and why the MacBook Air was right for them then the MacBook Pro.

One of the simple questions to ask is whether you are Creator of content or a Consumer?  The growth of the iPad is due to how much people are consumers of content.  Any one who uses the iPad as their authoring tool slows their productivity.

The writer of the Forbes article is a Tech Journalist which would put him in the category of creator, but also a creator that pretty much sticks I would guess to words.  Why?

In his article he says his choice is a MacBook Air with 128GB of memory.

I got the low-end model with 4 GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage because that suited me well enough on the 11-inch I had, especially now that I can store data in the cloud.

As soon as you take lots of photos, let alone add videos, the 256GB of storage is a challenge.  Loading photo imaging and video imaging apps will also push the 4GB RAM limit.

Almost everyone talks about the Retina display.  What I am looking at is what Mac do I get for a wide range of researching topics (lots of windows open), image and video editing.  Getting used to the MacBook Air where the SSD drive was done well, getting 512 GB of storage is a priority.  Getting 8GB of memory makes sense with the 512 GB of SSD.

A Macbook Air has a 4GB limit.  the 512 GB SSD is an expensive option that gets you quickly up to the price of the MacBook Pro.

For me, I decided to get a MacBook Pro with 16GB of RAM, 512 GB SSD, and Retina display.  I spend time bouncing between MarsEdit, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Aperture, Final Cut Pro.  I travel, but I don't spend a lot of time on my laptop while travelling, rarely using my computer while on a flight. 

Few of you do what I do, so buying MacBook Pro Retina based on my buying one doesn't make sense.  

Why should you buy a MacBook Pro or MacBook Air because another writer says it is right for them?  How many of you are journalists?