A Lesson from why Art is Valuable, could explain human decisions on value

It is interesting watching the really smart people make their decisions on data center design and specific pieces of equipment they choose.

I was watching a TED video of Paul Bloom discuss the origins of pleasure.  And, he had this slide up.


This statement can be used to explain the data center experts perception of value.  Here is the above quote modified.

The value of a data center power/mechanical equipment is rooted in assumptions about the human performance underlying its creation. 

They have an assumption of the creation of the equipment built by humans.  They know the equipment design, and many times the specific engineers that were on the design team.  They know the past performance of the equipment.  The manufacturing and sourcing of material.  Even what service operations are like for the equipment.

The #1 thing that will cause a drop in value of the equipment is if assumptions are no longer valid.  Parts have been changed due to supply chain issues, quality has dropped due to manufacturing staff changes, designs are modified for cost reductions.  As most have learned, just because the equipment was good for you 2 years ago, it doesn't mean the latest versions are the same.

You can watch this complete video to get the full story.  The part I mention is at 11:05.