Looks like this AWS outage will different than others given Instagram's long down time

Instagram is one of the latest poster child's of Amazon Web Service.  Netflix being a believer in Chaos Monkey and has recovered.  Meanwhile Instagram is still down.

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 I can't see all the pictures I've posted? Same with all the other peoples...but thank you for fixing it!


 What happened to the pictures ? I can not see mine but it says how many i have


AWS has gone down before, but a big service like Instagram has not been a result of down time.  AWS is mostly up, but not all.

Jun 30, 11:42 AM PDT We are continuing to work on processing our provisioning backlog for ELB load balancers. We are also continuing to work on restoring IO for the remaining small number of stuck EBS volumes. Customer action is required for EBS volumes that do not have IO currently enabled-- if you have not already chosen to Enable Volume IO, outlined in the instructions above, please follow those steps to re-enable IO on your EBS volumes.

It will be interesting what the post mortem looks like from AWS and Instagram on what the issues are.