Singapore Data Center Market grows

If you look at where to locate data centers a report to consider is the ease of doing business WW.  Here are the top 10.


CFOWorld has an article on the Singapore Data Center market.

A million square foot of data centre space

By Zafar Anjum

Is Singapore fast becoming a data centre hub in the region? It seems to be so. Reason: data centres are mushrooming in the city state.

This is happening due to an uptick in the demand for services such as cloud computing and increased consumption of content over the Internet.

For example, in April this year, two brand new data centres started operations in Singapore. One is by Telco operator NTT which unveiled a data centre located at the North Serangoon suburb in Singapore. Built to Tier 3 specifications, the data centre building stands at five floors high and offers 5,000 sq m of rack space, with some 2,500 racks.

Singapore is becoming a data center hub.  Amazon is there,  Google, and many others.

Why Singapore?

"Singapore as a geography is a preferred geography for many multinationals," says Srinivasan CR, vice president, Data Center and Infrastructure Managed Services, Product Management, Global Data and Managed Services, Tata Communications. "Thereby, Singapore market is a fairly international market rather than a local market. I think there is demand for space because of the kind of offering Singapore as a country has to make to international companies. It is a very politically stable country-it has all the infrastructure that is needed for a stable data centre."