Wow, Touring North Carolina sightseeing Data Centers of Google, Apple, and Facebook

GigaOm has a post on a tour of Google, Apple, and Facebook's data centers.

Would you take a trip to North Carolina to tour these data centers?  Well it's not really a tour if you don't get to go inside.  This is more like a drive by the gates of the data centers.

The ultimate geek road trip: North Carolina’s mega data center cluster

This article is the first in a four-part series that we’re publishing this week.

One day, one tank of gas, and three data centers – it was a road trip that only a geek would dream up. My destination: a cluster of cutting-edge and massive data centers spread across a few hundred miles north of Charlotte, North Carolina.

If data centers, filled with thousands of servers, are the engines of the Internet, then North Carolina is one of the garages for the Hummers of the tech world: The state is where Apple, Google and Facebook have decided to build their East Coast data centers. It’s a coup for North Carolina to have wooed all three elite Internet brands.

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