Tencent the 800 lb Gorilla of China, resistance is futile

WSJ has an article on how well Tecent is doing in China.


Internet Breadth Helps Buoy Tencent

As Western social-media and Internet companies from Facebook Inc. FB +2.99% toGroupon Inc. GRPN -2.81% struggle to meet investor expectations on earnings and share price, their biggest peer in China is still going strong.

The share price of Tencent Holdings Ltd., 0700.HK -0.17% China's leading Internet company—with businesses from online gaming to instant messaging—has soared 48% this year in Hong Kong. Analysts expect that its results for the quarter ended June 30, to be released Wednesday, will show healthy growth, despite slowing online advertising outlays as the Chinese economy softens.


How big is Tencent?  It is referred as "life, death, or Tencent"

Tencent's speedy execution of new projects like WeChat has led Chinese technology entrepreneurs to coin the phrase "life, death or Tencent"—meaning the choice is between cooperating with Tencent or being crushed by it, so unlikely is the option of outcompeting it.

When upstart smartphone company Xiaomi launched a mobile-chat service in 2010, Chief Executive Lei Jun told a conference in May, it expected Tencent to take a while to launch a rival service.

"We thought maybe it would take six months," he said, but in fact WeChat was out within two months—and it has proved far more popular than Xiaomi's service.

At first I thought of the 800 lb Gorilla 


But, in the WSJ article it sounds more like tho Borg.