Olympics show a future with lots of mobile viewing

GigaOm has a post on the viewership of Xfinity customers.

By the numbers: How the Olympics helped to take multi-screen mainstream

On how many different devices did you watch the Olympic games? If you’re anything like the average Xfinity customer, the answer is between two and three – and that’s not even counting your living room TV. Welcome to the first multi-screen Olympics.


Comcast released an astonishing piece of data this week: The average Xfinity customer who viewed live streams of the the games online authenticated 2.4 devices. It’s worth noting that this is in addition to millions of TV screens used to watch the London games; those 2.4 devices are just mobile phones, tablets and PCs. In other words: Millions of people used not one or two, but three to four screens to watch the Olympics!

The data that got my attention though is the mobile use by iOS and Android.