Wouldn't you like to keep the bad guests out of your data center

Unfortunately, in the data center you need to host all your business users.  The guests that use your space, power, cooling, and network.  Wouldn't it be great if you could pick who you hosted and tell them to go look for space elsewhere.  There is really good place down the street, the Cloud Hotel. :-)

NYtimes has a post on the unwelcome guests of summer.  This has little to do with data centers, but will probably get some of you thinking of those bad guests, aka business users who you wish you could say you are all full.

If Summer Goes, Why Won’t the Guests?

Brian Stauffer

MEGAN MURPHY SCHWAB, a marketing executive in suburban New Jersey, was seven months pregnant with her second child when a friend asked if another friend, who had just arrived in New York, might spend a night at her home to escape the summer heat. Ms. Schwab had met the woman, who seemed nice enough, so she and her husband, Jeff, an accountant, agreed to put her up.

This will probably never happen, but wouldn't it be nice if you could refuse to host some business users in your data center because they are bad guests.