Will Central WA wild fires cause problems for Air Cooled Data Centers in Quincy, WA?

The wild fires in Central WA are at an interesting junction of getting bigger or snuffing each other out.

2 wildfires may become 1: help or hindrance to firefighters?

As Washington state's two biggest wildfires burn toward each other, fire officials say they could either feed off each other, creating a more volatile conflagration, or they could consume all available fuel and help snuff each other out.

For those of you not familiar with the air here is a map from Cle Elum where the fires are strongest to Quincy, WA.




Here is the state ecological update.

Specifically, Ecology and Forest Service air-quality monitors in Chelan County are reading in the hazardous and unhealthy ranges. Poorer conditions are trending in the Quincy area and conditions could worsen around Spokane, Pullman and Clarkston.


All residents in the Wenatchee area should stay indoors and curtail their physical activities both indoors and out. Doors and windows should remain closed. In the remainder of the Yakima and Columbia basins common sense precautions should be taken by everyone, but sensitive groups -- such as children, the elderly and heart patients -- are particularly vulnerable.

The biggest health threat comes from the fine particles in smoke. These can cause burning eyes, runny nose, bronchitis and other illnesses. Smoky air also can aggravate pre-existing heart and lung diseases, and even lead to death.

Air filtration systems are probably getting inspected as the fire continues to burn.

Here is a news video showing how bad the smoke can be.