The Future of NYTimes Data Centers 10 steps to a Lean Power Diet, No Diesel Generators, No Batteries and PUD best friends

Jim Glanz is becoming infamous in the data center industry with his two posts on 


Power, Pollution and the Internet


Data Barns in a Farm Town, Gobbling Power and Flexing Muscle

I was talking to one of the smart data center guys, and we joked that the series will continue and maybe the possible conclusion is the NYTimes showing us all how they can be different than the rest in how they host the NYTimes in a data center.  How?  Here are 10 steps that would follow Jim Glanz's suggestions.

1) The NYTimes commits to run its server at 50% utilization or more. Comatose servers are decommissioned  Consolidating all their IT resources into a 200kW space or less. 

2) The NYTimes eliminates the pollution from diesel generators and environmental impact of UPS battery back-up by connecting straight to the Utility.

3) This constant predictable load of 200kW causes no problem for the Public Utility Department, so all is happy.  We all know the PUD like nice steady loads.

4) Peak traffic usages that push beyond server capacity are redirected to those power hungry polluting news organizations - CNN, Foxnews, NBC, ABC, Huffington Post you will be the polluters of the world not the NYTimes.

5) Power hungry hard drives will be replaced with tape drives.  As long as the NYTimes can stream content faster than people can read it is OK.

6) Images will be phased out for words to reduce information required to deliver news. Embedded links will point to Instagram and Google Images.

7) Redundancy is wasteful and polluting. Single point of failures are standard practice.

8) When the power goes off, we'll turn off too.

9) The NYTimes will make the ultimate commitment to a zero carbon impact commitment by going out of business.

10) Data Centers are causing the destruction of the USA, polluting the air we breath.  There are so few people employed by the data center industry, send the data centers outside the USA.  Decomission those server farms and let's go back to an agricultural society where methane is the pollution.

The secret plan for word domination.

11) in this new (retro) agrarian society, we will be the only ones to know how make ink from berries and hand press our newsprints (as we will have bought up all ancient printing presses with the money we save).  Then, and only then, we will truly fulfill our mission of "all the news that is fit to print"