GM announces Atlanta Data Center with 1,000 employees, realizing outsourcing IT was not such a good idea

WSJ has an article on GM's new Atlanta data center.  The part that caught attention is how GM is choosing reduce its outsourcing to 10% of its IT.

GM wants to bring 90% of its IT work back in house to direct new developments and reduce the overlap of current services. The auto maker has already hired more than 700 IT workers to staff innovation centers in Austin, Texas, and Warren, Mich. A fourth site, of similar scale, will be announced later this year.

"Our strategy is to reach the top talent in the US market and tap the nearby universities," GM Chief Information Officer Randy Mott said on Thursday. "These are going to be the best jobs in the IT industry over the next five years since GM is on a transformation journey. They will work on everything from design of vehicles to high touch for the consumer to what is offered in our vehicles."

Part of what got GM in this spot is its history with EDS who it acquired in 1984.

At one time, the bulk of GM's IT work was done by Electronic Data Systems, which it acquired from billionaire businessman and former presidential candidate Ross Perot in 1984. GM spun off EDS in 1996. H-P bought EDS in 2008 and has been cutting jobs ever since.