123 spots left for Netflix's Open Source Open House Feb 06, 2013

GigaOm's Barb Darrow posted on Netflix's Open Source announcements, including an open house event where 77 of 200 spots are fill, leaving 123 open.

Netflix wants open-source developers, cloud alternatives




Adrian Cockcroft, director of architecture for Netflix.

Want to hear about the latest and greatest in Netflix’s home-grown technology? The company will host an open-source open house for developers on February 6. The goal is to recruit top-flight developers and to encourage construction of alternatives to Amazon Web Services.

Netflix released anthor monkey theme tool.

Most recently,  it open-sourcedJanitor Monkey to automate the cleanup of unused cloud resources. In all, Netflix has put source code for sixteen Netflix-built AWS tools on Github, Cockcroft said.

Janitor Monkey is a much funner name than garbage collection.

Janitor Monkey - Keeping the Cloud Tidy and Clean

By Michael Fu and Cory Bennett, Engineering Tools 

One of the great advantages of moving from a private datacenter into the cloud is that you have quick and easy access to nearly limitless new resources. Innovation and experimentation friction is greatly reduced: to push out a new application release you can quickly build up a new cluster, to get more storage just attach a new volume, to backup your data just make a snapshot, to test out a new idea just create new instances and get to work. The downside of this flexbility is that it is pretty easy to lose track of the cloud resources that are no longer needed or used. Perhaps you forgot to delete the cluster with the previous version of your application, or forgot to destroy the volume when you no longer needed the extra disk. Taking snapshots is great for backups, but do you really need them from 12 months ago? It's not just forgetfulness that can cause problems. API and network errors can cause your request to delete an unused volume to get lost.