Compass DC serves up 1.2 MW increments to Savvis in Minneapolis-St Paul

I don't know about you, but it is refreshing to see a press release that says exactly what is the first deployment vs. future capacity.  Savvis has a press release on a new data center lease in Minneapolis-St Paul, and the 2nd paragraph makes this statement

The Savvis MP2 data center is designed to serve the region's growing demand for colocation, cloud, managed hosting and network services. Built to support 4.8 megawatts of IT load on 100,000 square feet of raised floor space, it will open with an initial 1.2 megawatts and 13,000 square feet of raised floor space.

Compass data centers is serving up 1.2 megawatt increments to Savvis for the local market.

"We are excited to partner with CenturyLink's Savvis organization, which combines a global leadership position in data center excellence with a deep understanding of Minnesota market needs through the existing local CenturyLink presence," said Chris Crosby, chief executive officer of Compass Datacenters. "Working with Savvis to quickly facilitate expansion in the Minneapolis-St. Paul market, we've developed a streamlined strategy for future expansion and response to the growing demands of businesses in the region."

Now that Savvis has a taste of consuming in 1.2 megawatt increments anywhere they have a market need we'll see how many more data centers start cropping up out of the major internet hubs.