A peak into Google Corporate IT, restricted use of Windows

AllthingsD has a post with an interview of Google CIO, Ben Fried.  For those of you who are curious how Google corporate IT is different from yours you can read this post.  

Google CIO Ben Fried on How Google Works


Warning if you are a Windows user, you need to have business justification for why you need to use Windows to do your job.

Google also restricts the machines it lets employees use. For example: Windows computers.

Dating back to early 2010, when Google disclosed that its corporate infrastructure had been subject to attacks originating in China, the company began cracking down on use of Windows machines.

That’s not to say PCs are banned — Fried said that Google employees today use “many thousands of Windows laptops and desktops.” But now, Googlers must apply to a manager to get permission to use Windows, and explain why it is important and necessary for their job. “There’s somewhat a difference between using it because it’s the only thing you know, and using it because it’s the best tool for your job,” Fried said.

The point, Fried said, was to get a better balance of types of computers used within Google, because heterogeneity would make the company less susceptible to attacks. Then, it was a mix of Windows, Mac and Linux; today, Chromebooks have been added to the mix.