Warp your thinking, Oil Companies could be the solution for Carbon Capture

Technology Review has a post on a discussion with Shell Executive that they could be the ones who can solve the carbon capture problem.

Wouldn't that be interesting if environmental groups are supporting the transformation of oil companies.

Shell Exec Says Oil Companies Might Become Carbon Capture Ones

An expert from Shell says that oil companies, with their deep knowledge of geophysics, are well-suited to pioneer carbon capture and storage technology.


dirk smit

Dirk Smit speaking today at the EmTech conference at MIT.

Oil companies’ expertise in geophysics might be invaluable in addressing climate change and other civilization-scale challenges, according to Dirk Smit, vice president of exploration technology at Royal Dutch Shell.

Speaking on the sidelines of MIT Technology Review’s EmTech conference today, Smit described a future in which fossil fuels provide a smaller fraction of the world’s energy needs—not because the world will run out of them but because a range of factors, including improved technology and concerns about climate change, make alternatives to fossil fuels more competitive.