Steam Controller Video Demo, gets 1 mil views in 24 hrs, Users are ready to decrease use of keyboards

If you are in the business of selling keyboard switches, life is not good.  I used to be program manager for Apple Keyboards so got into all the details of making keyboards, PCB, key switches, printing.  I also worked on mice and trackballs, so data input devices was in my blood long, long ago.

Those who hang on to must have features like a physical keyboard have a lot in common with the loyal Blackberry users who are disappearing fast.

In Gaming there is a debate between the keyboard and mouse users vs. controllers.

Probably the single most-argued argument in all of gaming is the silly, ill-formed rivalry between the console gamepad and the PC mouse and keyboard.

Here is video by Valve Software on the Steam Controller.  This video has over a million views in 24 hours.

Think about some of those things in your data center that may be the old way doing things like typing on a keyboard.