A smile from Heaven, Olivier Sanche's environmental efforts paying off

Apple's Lisa Jackson at the Sustainability Conference Verge, and GigaOm sent a reporter to core the presentation.

Apple’s high profile new environmental chief — the former head of the federal Environmental Protection Agency — Lisa Jackson spoke publicly for one of the first times on Wednesday after taking the role at Apple four months earlier. At thesustainability conference VERGE, Jackson said she plans to pump up Apple’s efforts in using energy more efficiently and bringing more clean power to Apple’s data centers and office buildings.

“Tim Cook didn’t hire Lisa Jackson to be quiet and keep the status quo. We understand our responsibility and we do care,” said Jackson.

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The article continues with the efforts Apple has been making in the past.

Jackson came to Apple when the company already had begun to devote more money and time on increasing its use of renewable electricity at its data centers and taking other actions to lower its carbon footprint.

When I read this, I immediately think of Olivier Sanche who had the passion to green Apple's data centers.

It is sad to think it has been 3 years since Olivier left us.  This time of year is when I remember Olivier the most.  His birthday was Oct 4, and he left us in Nov at Thanksgiving 2010.  A bunch of us are getting together at 7x24 Exchange in San Antonio in Nov 17-20, and I am sure we'll chat about Olivier's impact on us.