Want to work at Amazon? Can you stand the heat at the executive level?

I was talking to a Microsoft friend and he was saying how many amazon employees are showing up at Microsoft.  For a while there were a large amount of Microsoft employees were leaving for amazon.  Some of the more visible ex-Microsoft employees are Brian Valentine and Charlie Kindle.  These guys would be ones who would be close enough to feel the heat from Jeff Bezos.

Here is an article with 4 ex-Amazon executives in Puget Sound Business Journal.

Uncomfortable. Adversarial. A Darwinian struggle for survival.

These are all terms used to describe Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos’ relationship with his staff, according to four former Amazonians who have branched off from the e-commerce giant to start their own businesses.

One of the things you would need to get used to Amazon is doing more with less.  Way, way less.

“I would go home and throw stuff. One of my roommates was on a team where 20 people were doing the work of 300 engineers. We were all always on pager duty,” Selinger said. “But as I reflect on it, the problems we were tackling ended up having real value. We weren’t trying to solve things that obviously didn’t matter.”