Google's West and East Coast Floating Data Centers, taking a trip to South America?

CNET news reports on the 2nd spotting of Google’s Floating data center in Portland, Maine.

The registration on the Portland barge is "BAL 0011," which ties it to the barge in San Francisco Bay, which has the registration number "BAL 0010." Both are owned by By and Large, LLC.

(Credit: Tom Bell/Portland Press Herald)

If that wasn't enough to establish that the two are related, it's also clear that both were built on barges owned by the same company. The one in San Francisco Bay was built on top of a barge with the registration "BAL 0010," while the one in Portland harbor is on a barge with the registration "BAL 0011." According to online documents, both are owned by By and Large, LLC. That company, which has a miniscule online profile, is also the current tenant in Hangar 3, an immense building alongside the pier where the San Francisco Bay project is under construction.

With one in the SF Bay and the other in Portland that puts a Floating data center on each coast.  I wouldn’t think there is a plan to send these cross the Pacific and Atlantic.  Seems easier to build these in Taiwan or Amsterdam if you wanted them on the other side of the Ocean and minimize the risk of making a cross ocean excursion.

It will be interesting where these show up.  I would guess if the floating data centers move, they would move to South America to provide data center capacity like I wrote about earlier.