Single Point of Failure brings down Obamacare, Data Services Hub is down

CNN reports on the latest Obamacare outage.  A single point of failure in the Data Services Hub on Sunday caused the site to not be able to finish transactions.

I think the US Government is learning single points of failure are bad.  They need redundancy.  Verizon has the contract for the data hub, seems like AT&T should have been in there as well.  Anyone who has run a 24x7 service would never single source their network connectivity.

A malfunction in key technology behind the Obamacare websiteleft users unable to apply for health coverage Sunday.

Joanne Peters, a spokeswoman for the Department of Health and Human Services, a vendor networking issue at Verizon subsidiary Terremark was to blame. Peters said the vendor had "experienced a failure in a networking component," and the attempted fix crashed the system.