China's New East China Data Center has Local River as cooling Source

DatacenterDynamics has an article on a new East China Cloud Data Center.  Part of what is going on in China is the Cloud is being used to centralize the hosting of IT services.

Many domestic telecommunication players, large financial institutions and top 100 websites are also expected to use the Jiande cloud computing data center as a platform to enter into the cloud computing market and develop large high-end technology industry cluster.

When it is cold enough outside air will be used for cooling. When it gets too warm, then the river can be used as a cooling source.

General Manager of Zhejiang Yunkuaichuan Science and Technology CoHe Qing said the data center will draw on the nearby Xin’anjiang River’s constant water temperature - at about 17℃ year round - for cooling purposes.

When (the outside air) temperature is low, the data center can be partly or completely cooled by natural cooling, while the water in the cooling tower can be used as a cooling source; when (the outside air) temperature is above 15℃in wet-bulb temperature, the water of the Xin’anjiang River can be used as a cooling source.