iOS7 creates an iMessage bug, poor users have no idea

I have an iPhone 5 and am surrounded by iPhone users.  With iOS7 there is an iMessage bug that prevents messages from being sent.

Last night I tried this work around and it worked.  The only hassle is I needed to re-enter my wifi access passwords.

How to fix iMessage not working in iOS 7 - three simple steps

iMessage texts not sending? Apple promsies fix but here's a simple fix.

Apple has now admitted that there's a bug in its new iOS 7 operating system for iPhone and iPad that stops iMessage sending text messages. Here's a simple three-step fix that seems to be working for many of those affected.

Unfortunately, I need to apologize to a few people for my texts not getting through.

After the above work around I could see what text messages were not sent.

Sure there will be a bug fix for this soon, but until then the work around worked for me.