Haste makes waste, Fukushima's water tanks flawed according to construction worker

Any who runs projects knows it is really hard to get the balance in the project between cost, schedule, and quality.


It is easy to get two of the three with one suffering.

Huffingtonpost reports on problems in Fukushima’s hasty water tank construction.

"I must say our tank assembly was slipshod work. I'm sure that's why tanks are leaking already," Uechi, 48, told The Associated Press from his hometown on Japan's southern island of Okinawa. "I feel nervous every time an earthquake shakes the area."

Officials and experts and two other workers interviewed by the AP say the quality of the tanks and their foundations suffered because of haste — haste that was unavoidable because there is so much contaminated water leaking from the wrecked reactors and mixed with ground water inflow.

"We were in an emergency and just had to build as many tanks as quickly as possible, and their quality is at bare minimum," said Teruaki Kobayashi, an official in charge of facility control for the plant operator, Tokyo Electric Power Co.

It is easy for executives to claim they got the work done fast and cheap, then they either change jobs or when there quality problems, they are ready to point the fingers of blame to operations, vendors, maintenance procedures, anything that looks it was the fault of others, not them.

Quality Control exist for a reason.  In industries who have a long term view they need someone who focuses on the quality to reject the shipping of services until it meets the quality bar.  Short term thinkers will shave cost and schedule to look like they are heroes.