Tesla's Elon Musk claiming gas cars 5X likely to catch fire misses point, NHTSA TREAD Act haunts Auto industry

Elon Musk claims the Tesla is 5 times safer than gas cars.  I know a few data center folks who have bought a Tesla.

The head of electric car maker Tesla pushed back aggressively against claims that the company’s vehicles are a fire danger, saying that only 3 in 25,000 Teslas havecaught fire and that those incidents were the result of high speed impacts.

“It hurts to see articles that the car is unsafe… nothing could be further from truth,” said Elon Musk, noting that Teslas are five times less likely to catch fire than gas-powered cars, which produce hundreds of fire-related injuries every year.

Thanks to the Infamous Firestone Tread problems, there is the NHTSA TREAD act and just because the Tesla is safer than overall gas fires, doesn’t mean the TREAD act won’t kick in.

Here is a graphic of the process.  for an interactive click on the link.