A good strategy to go for three data centers in a region, Google folds HK, keeps Singapore and Taiwan

Google announced data centers in HK, Singapore and Taiwan 2 years ago.  Three is a good number when you want to create a high availability service, because sometimes the third has problems.  And in Google’s case they confirmed they will not open up Hong Kong reported in WSJ.

Google Scraps Plan to Build Hong Kong Data Center

Internet giant Google Inc.GOOG +0.60% has scrapped a plan to build its own data center in Hong Kong and will instead expand its facilities in Taiwan and Singapore.

This undated file photo made available by Google shows the campus-network room at a data center in Council Bluffs, Iowa.
Associated Press

“While we see tremendous opportunity and potential in Hong Kong…we will not be moving ahead with this project,” Taj Meadows, Asia-Pacific policy communications manager, told The Wall Street Journal on Tuesday

We’ll see if Google chooses another location in Asia Pacific.

Although when you look at a map it looks like Middle East would be a place sometime in the future.