Growth of IT Operations and Automation

35 years ago when I was getting my degree in Industrial Engineering and Operations Research I liked manufacturing, and realized that going into automotive was not were I wanted to go. I focused on distribution logistics and going to a high tech firm.  My first company was HP.  At HP I got really good at distribution logistics which got me recruited by Apple.

When I started my degree it was in the early days of computers and automation.  The PC was just getting going with Apple II and commodore 64.  The PC is not nearly as interesting as mobile and the data centers where I spend my time now.  But, some things come back like Operations.  What is a big topic that continues to grow is IT Operations and Automation.  I like IT operations as it is the same type of problems as manufacturing operations and distribution logistics.

And, one benefit I have over many others is I have been through lots of different stuff in 35 years working at HP, Apple, Microsoft and being independent.

One of the ski friends I know said he has a new job at company X starting in a week.  “Have you heard of them?”  Yep.  Know the co-founders, VP of marketing, CTO.  IT Automation is a hot topic and will get bigger.  My wife even chimed in she knew the company as she sees the t-shits all the time.


IT Operations and Automation is a necessity if you are building a cloud.