Gifts of Coal to 113th Congress make it a high carbon impact to the political environment

The Holidays are a time of gift giving.  CNN has a poll where the most popular gift of the 113th congress is Coal, making it the highest carbon impact in history according to those surveyed.  The frustration is the lack of action taken which just like bad environmental practices has an overall negative impact.


Here's your gift, lawmakers: Coal


That's the verdict from two-thirds of Americans about the track record of the 113th Congress, according to a new national poll. And a CNN/ORC International poll released Thursday also indicates that nearly three-quarters of the public say that this has been a "do-nothing" Congress.

Two-thirds of those questioned said the current Congress is the worst in their lifetime, with 28% disagreeing.

Sometimes the least impact is when you leave things in a natural state.  At the current state the Repubicans, Democrats, and Obama is viewed as being bad for the political environment.

"Negative attitudes extend to both sides of the aisle: 52% believe that the policies of the Democratic leaders in Congress would move the country in the wrong direction; 54% say the same about the policies of congressional Republicans," Holland said.

And 54% say the same thing about President Barack Obama's policies