A Booth Giveaway for the Open Source Crowd, Penguin Poppers

My son's tutor has a game to shoot at sheets of paper with grammar rules with a toy.  My son has a lot of fun being goofy shooting things.

His favorite is the Penguin Popper.  For guys like Dell with their Sputnik Open Source laptop having these in the booth would have lines of people to come by to get one of these.  At least that is my observation from watching my 8 yr old play with it.

Penguin Popper

Get Happy!

Squeeze the Penguin’s belly to launch a soft foam ball. The harder you squeeze, the further it shoots—up to 20 feet! Penguin Popper is the newest and cutest popper yet and is ideal for indoor and outdoor play. Comes with six soft foam balls and convenient carry net.

Penguin Popper: Penguin Popper
Penguin Popper