Big Data Changing Healthcare, AI is better and cheaper than your DR

GigaOm's Derrick Harris has a post on how some Dr's using AI were able to come up with cheaper and better treatment than your Dr.  This could increase the data center's used in healthcare.


Credit: Indiana University

Credit: Indiana University

Specifically, Bennett and Hauser found via a simulation of 500 random cases that their model decreased the cost per unit of outcome change to $189 from the $497 without it, an improvement of 58.5 percent. They found their original model improved patient outcomes by nearly 35 percent, but that tweaking a few parameters could bring that number to 41.9 percent.

I've been spending a fair amount of time at Hospitals, not because I am sick, but because of the potential projects to be more efficient.

Even though there are some people who would see this as bad, there are also many who see the potential.

The idea behind the research, carried out by Casey Bennett and Kris Hauser, is simple and gets to the core of why so many people care so much about data in the first place: If doctors can consider what’s actually happening and likely to happen instead of relying on intuition, they should be able to make better decisions.