Bunch of Retina MacBook Pro problems went away with 10.8.3 beta updates - screen flicker, Time Machine, Network Connectivity

I've had problems with my Retina MacBook Pro since Sept 2012.  And, posted what I thought was a fix.  I was wrong and eventually relegated myself to make appts to sit in the Apple Store in Bellevue to demonstrate the problem.  This didn't work either as the magic of the Apple store kept my screen in good shape.  How bad was my intermittent display problem.


The frustrating part is this was not reproducible.  I would shut the laptop, open it up and screen is fine.

Then I got pushed the beta 10.8.3 12D76 MacOS release and it looks like the screen problem has gone away. Also, a strange Time Machine problem resolved and my network connections to my home network work better. Today I was pushed the beta 12D78 release.

I am keeping my fingers crossed that 10.8.3 will fix my screen flicker.