Google doubles its presence in Kirkland (Seattle), Seattle is a cloud development hub with Amazon and Microsoft

I moved to Seattle 20 years ago.  Part of Seattle are clouds.  And it makes you wonder if all those clouds are influencing software developers. :-)  As Google invests more in cloud development like Amazon and Microsoft cloud development teams in Seattle.

NYTimes posts on the Google expansion in Kirkland, WA.  Kirkland is probably more known as the Costco branded items.  Kirkland city is near Costco HQ. And Kirkland is where Google has its hub of offices in the Seattle area.

In a battle for dominance in cloud computing, Google is taking onMicrosoft and Amazon in their own back yard.

Google said Tuesday that it was doubling its office space near Seattle, just miles from the campuses of Amazon and Microsoft, and stepping up the hiring of engineers and others who work on cloud technology.

It is part of Google’s dive into a business known as cloud services — renting to other businesses access to its enormous data storage and computing power, accessible by the Internet.

Here is a video by local Komonews with a tour inside the Google Kirkland facility.