Off to my 1st GigaOm Structure Data Conference

I have spent so much of my life traveling I really don't like getting on a plane for longer than 2 hours.  In general I try not to make East Coast trips.  But, I do get to the East Coast a couple of times a year.  Tomorrow I head to NYC for my first GigaOm Structure Data Conference. 

Mar. 20 & 21, 2013 – New York

The volume of enterprise data has moved past terabytes and into the petabyte scale. Companies need to determine the best way for them to store, manage and analyze all that information. GigaOM’s Structure:Data, now a two-day conference, assembles the world’s leading technologists, practitioners and business leaders to offer solutions and uncover new business opportunities.

The main reason I am heading out is to moderate the below panel discussion.  I do freelance for GigaOm Pro, so I get to chat with the GigaOm folks often, and I am looking forward to connect with East Coast crowd as I tend to stay on the West Coast.  Ins fact, I was able to get two people from the West Coast to come out for this panel.



Do you have a problem planning for future infrastructure needs? Deciding on what to buy and what capacity to provision for? Then you should attend this session, where we examine the stories of four people with some of the most extreme use cases on the planet. Come listen and learn from those with responsibility for the biggest purse strings.

Moderated by:Dave Ohara - Founder, GreenM3 and Analyst, GigaOM Research
Speakers:Tamara Budec - VP Critical Systems and Engineering, Goldman Sachs & Co
Heather Marquez - Manager, Asset Strategy and Optimization, Facebook
Amaya Souarez - Director, Datacenter Services, Microsoft