Cloud hits the Reality, The Physical Data Center Infrastructure is focus for GigaOm Structure

It is entertaining when people discuss the cloud as something that just is there whenever they need it.  It can be hard for people to understand the physical reality of a data centers.  And, even much more difficult to understand the relationship between a VM instance in the cloud and the physical infrastructure impact it requires.  How many VMs per server?  How many VMs per core. 

GigaOm's Stacey Higginbotham posts on the next GigaOm Structure event June 19-20, 2013

Structure 2013: Bring on the practitioners!



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Are you going to the sixth Structure conference on June 19 and 20? If your business dependes in any way on the cloud and enterprise IT, you will want to be there.


This year’s focus: The physical cloud

Looking ahead, we’re peeling back some of the software-defined abstraction to focus on the physicality of the cloud. Like how do we build special-purpose architectures for our apps? What happens when we scale beyond the confines of the data center with dark fiber or other distributed resources?

We’ve got some amazing speakers signed up already: from Pat Gelsinger, the CEO of VMware who will undoubtedly hit upon the business side of the cloud, to Adrian Cockroft of Netflix, who will talk about some of the practical issues associated with supporting a giant movie streaming service on Amazon’s cloud. And of course, we’ll have Amazon’s Werner Vogels back for his sixth appearance onstage, where he’ll defend the online retailer’s title as the king of the cloud. Just kidding, this isn’t a boxing match, it’s an infrastructure conference. So please, no wagering.



This is my third year going to GigaOm Structure.  My first year I went as a media attendee for this blog.  The second year I went as a GigaOm Pro Analyst.  This year, the third year I am a speaker.

Disclosure: I work for GigaOm Pro as an analyst and have many discussions with the company regarding data centers and the cloud.