Facebook's PUE and WUE Dashboard https://www.fbpuewue.com/prineville

I found the announcement for Facebook's PUE and WUE dashboard on The Register.

Bit barn efficiency metrics on a minute-by-minute basis

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Facebook has heaped pressure on major data center operators to be more transparent, publishing a dashboard that gives up-to-the-minute figures on the efficiency of the social network's gigantic bit barns.

But, no reference to the Facebook url.

Looked at DatacenterKnowledge, again no URL for the Facebook dashboard.

Then hit GigaOm and found the URL. 

The facilities are still under construction, and, as a result, the data in the two dashboards can have abnormalities, but it should become more stable over time. The company detailed its plans in a Thursday blog post on the Open Compute Project site.

With the blog post that the Register and DCK use to report.

A new way to report PUE and WUE

Thursday, April 18, 2013 · Posted by  at 09:10 AM

Today Facebook launched two public dashboards that report continuous, near-real-time data for key efficiency metrics – specifically, PUE and WUE – for our data centers in Prineville, OR and Forest City, NC. These dashboards include both a granular look at the past 24 hours of data and a historical view of the past year’s values. In the historical view, trends within each data set and correlations between different metrics become visible. Once our data center in Luleå, Sweden, comes online, we’ll begin publishing for that site as well.

It is a bit ironic that in a post about transparency it took me so long to find the original FB blog post and the dashboard. https://www.fbpuewue.com/prineville with one years worth of data.


Disclosure: I work for GigaOm Pro as freelance analyst and like the fact that they embrace transparency in reporting.