After 5 years of IBM's Smarter Planet Initiative launches MessageSight to connect sensors and things

I remember when IBM announced its smarter planet initiative 5 years and I had lots of questions on how sensor networks will work.  Today IBM announced the MessageSight appliance built on MQTT.

LAS VEGAS - 29 Apr 2013: IBM’s (NYSE: IBM) Smarter Planet strategy took a major technological step forward today with the introduction of IBM MessageSight, a new appliance designed to help organizations manage and communicate with the billions of mobile devices and sensors found in systems such as automobiles, traffic management systems, smart buildings and household appliances.

Over the next 15 years, the number of machines and sensors connected to the Internet will explode. According to IMS Research, there will be more than 22 billion web-connected devices by 2020[i].These new devices will generate more than 2.5 quintillion bytes of new data every day[ii], while every hour enough information is consumed by Internet traffic to fill seven million DVDs.[iii] 

GigaOm’s Stacey Higginbotham has a post that goes into more details.

IBM uses the example of the hundreds of sensors in your car recognizing a problem, turning on your check engine light, and then notifying the dealer so it can do remote diagnostics. As someone who is heading to the dealer tomorrow for a check engine light, this example caught my eye. Yet, I’m not sold on the need for a special box over more intelligence at the sensor, or perhaps a mesh network with nominal “intelligence.”

The internet of things exaflood is coming!

floodThe idea is compelling, but it also grossly simplifies the flow of data inside the internet of things. For example, it assumes all sensor data must be processed in “real time.” It also assumes all the data must be processed. Both of these are untrue, especially in the early days of the internet of things. But IBM is looking ahead. From its release on the MessageSight appliance:

I am at the conference and I’ll see if there is anything else interesting on MessageSight.

Disclosure: I work with GigaOm Pro as a freenlance analyst