Not a data center tour we usually get, Google shows the media parts of its Douglas data center

We're all used to getting a data center tour.  When someone is trying to sell you space or IT Services, they will bring you through the server space.  Here is an example of a Softlayer tour.

Local media was let into parts of Google's Douglas Data Center and this below video is posted.  Most of you haven't seen this as there a whopping 18 views. :-)  

One of the rules Joe Kava explains is only those who must go into server room have access, and many who work in the data center aren't allowed in the server room.

At least the folks at WPXI11News have better color matching then the Sentinel folks.  Joe Kava looks much better in the video than the sentinel camera shot.


I think what the folks at the sentinel did is they needed to adjust the exposure/contrast and that really messed up the color.  Besides the color in Joe's face look at the difference in the color of his shirt.