Party Stress test, 50 people hosted in our house

One thing the data center industry teaches you is stress testing and finding the limits of your design.  I was over a fiends house where 5 of us were having a nice relaxing evening last week and I said we were hosting a dinner party.  How many?  50.  Fifty, not fifteen.  Yes, five zero.

My wife and I designed our house to be a great space to entertain.  we have had about 30 people for our construction crew for a dinner party.  and 20 kids and adults for a soccer pizza party.  Last night we had 50 people over for a going away party for our ski friends from Crystal Mountain Alpine Club (CMAC), Angie and Steve.


We had a 20 x 10 tent in case it rained on the deck.  


Here are pictures from the party in a slide show. 

After the party my wife felt 50 was comfortable and we could easily handle 100 guests.  I then told her we don't need to have a party with 100 people to test the limit.  :-)  50 people is a big enough number and know we have head room for a margin of comfort and it is easier on the budget.

Thanks to our good friends Megan and Curtis, the event was catered, staffed, including cleaned up.  My wife is decorating wizard and she picked the flowers and all the rest of the decorating.  My job was to take the pictures.