Peek at Panel Discussion with Revlon and NetApp CIO at GigaOm Structure

GigaOm Structure is less than a month a way and I am moderating a panel with Revlon and NetApp CIOs.



In this session we focus in on how the right IT infrastructure can create significant competitive advantage. Understanding that IT’s job is to make systems work for people, rather than people working for systems, Revlon sought to align IT to the business with the successful implementation of a private cloud. Their resulting infrastructure turned 3.6PB of data into a business driver and runs more than 500 applications in a virtualized environment. Their initiative has demonstrated clear ROI.

Moderated by:Dave Ohara - Founder, GreenM3 and Analyst, GigaOM Research
Speakers:David Giambruno - SVP and CIO, Revlon
Cynthia Stoddard - SVP and CIO, NetApp 

To give you an idea of what will be presented and here is a Forbes article with Revlon CIO David Giambruno.

Revlon CIO: Simplification Equals Speed. Speed Provides Agility.


David Giambruno

“Six years ago, Revlon IT was seen as an impediment to the business. My first task was simply to get IT out of the way of the business.”

—David Giambruno,
Revlon Senior VP and CIO












There are three main points made by David.

This transformation included three important milestones for Revlon:

  1. Platform simplification
  2. Global cloud deployment
  3. Global cloud production

This video discusses the transformation of Revlon IT.