Who has the data on the social media wars? uh, search engines

Social Media is the big battlefield.  News.com has an article on Twitter's strength of hashtags vs. Facebook.

#Hashtags: Facebook's missing link to pop culture

The # symbol has become the key to connecting to people and events you care about on social media. It's also an obvious hole for Facebook.

Is this insight really meaningful?  And can you make a business decision on this?  Are adding #hashtags the answer?

Who knows better what to do in social media?  A bunch of analysts and media reporters? Or?

Who has the data?  Ohhhhhh, Google does.  One thing I have noticed running this blog site is seeing the amount of robots, search engines that hit my site.

Google and other search engines - Baidu, Bing, Yandex all have the RAW data to understand the social media wars - what works and what doesn't.

The battle for Mobile and Social are like wars where data is key to define strategies.  But, in any battle the winners are not those who have the most amount of information.  If that was true then the CIA with all its analysts and computer systems should have been able to win every war.  Too much data can create a problem of analysis.

The problem with data is it shows the past, not necessarily the future.  Yet, some people will stand on the piles of data and use it to justify their position of analysis.

Sometimes the winner in the war is the one who takes a different strategy that the data doesn't support.

Ender's game is finally coming to the screen at the end of year and is a science fiction classic.  Did Ender win because he had more data, or he saw things from a different perspective than others.