AWS's Sustainable Energy options - Oregon an GovCloud

Missed this one on AWS.  Don't know when it went up.  AWS makes a sustainable energy option statement.


AWS and Sustainable Energy


Both the Oregon and GovCloud Regions use 100% carbon-free power. AWS customers who want to operate in a Region that uses 100% carbon-free power can select one of these two Regions. We will continue to work hard on our own, and alongside our power providers all over the world, to offer our services in an environmentally friendly way in all of our Regions.

And, amazon adds that the cloud is greener than having your own data center.

Cloud computing is inherently more environmentally-friendly than traditional computing. Instead of each company having its own datacenter that serves just itself, AWS makes it possible for hundreds of thousands of organizations to consolidate their datacenter use into much smaller combined data center footprints in the AWS Cloud, resulting in much higher utilization rates and eliminating the waste that occurs when data centers don't operate near their capacity. Our cloud approach enables a combined smaller carbon footprint that significantly reduces overall consumption.