Morgan Stanley publishes report that AWS will continue domination for another 10 years

Barb Darrow has a post on Morgan Stanley's report.

Killer cloud: report says Amazon Web Services threatens all IT incumbents




Amazon Web Services
photo: Flickr/Will Merydith

New Morgan Stanley research expects AWS to hit $24 billion in revenue by 2022 and to put the hurt on legacy IT providers in the process.

Barron's also has a post on the report.

Amazon’s Web Services Threatens Almost All IT, Says Morgan Stanley

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Morgan Stanley’s Scott Devitt, in a longish (32 pages) report in conjunction with colleaguesKeith WeissEhud GelblumSimon FlanneryKaty HubertyJoseph Moore, and Adam Wood, this morning writes that (AMZN) is “making waves” in conventional IT by “applying retail economics” that is making it an “emerging IT mega-vendor.”

Devitt, who has an Overweight rating on Amazon shares, writes that Amazon’s “Amazon Web Services,” which runs compute tasks on its servers for a fee, should be able to reach $24 billion in revenue by 2022, through a combination of services that produce greater scale in computing tasks, and by offering “a continual downward pressure in pricing.”

The authors size the total addressable market for Amazon Web Services at $152 billion, and offer a graphic for that: