Words of Wisdom from a Funny CEO, Twitter's Dick Costolo U of Mich Commencement speech

Telling the facts is boring and not something many spend time sharing.  Telling good stories, being funny, and entertained is what gets people to share.  

Here is Twitter’s Dick Costolo commencement speech at U of Mich from Youtube.

If you don’t want to watch the whole video which is 17 minutes long go to this part where Dick discusses a conversation with Steve Carrell and one of the more important points Dick tries to make. http://youtu.be/oqRPesTumlA?t=11m47s

13:15there are no expectations there’s no scripts

13:19when you’re doing well what you love to do

13:23you become resilient

13:25because that’s the habit you create for yourself

13:28you create a habit