Ouch, Cloud may have holes in it, Rackspace stock drops, is reality catching up to hype?

Cloud, Cloud, Cloud.  It is the way of the future.   Yeh. Yeh, Yeh.

It looks the Cloud may be a bit over hyped.

GigaOm's Barb Darrow covered the Rackspace news.

Laggard Rackspace growth sparks concern: is there enough cloud biz to go around?


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dark clouds

There are lots of potential cloud workloads out there but there are also about a zillion clouds. Is there really enough paid work to support them all?

Here’s the narrative that cloud vendors would like us to believe: there are infinite workloads flowing to clouds of infinite capacity. There’s enough business for all, keep moving.

Rackspace did add 4% more servers quarter to quarter.  So even though there may be some pricing issues, bottom line the server growth was only 4%.

 Total server count increased to 94,122, up from 90,524 servers at the end of the previous quarter.