Following Eric Schmidt's fact check idea, shows Al Gore is either Blind or just trying to make his point

Al Gore spoke at the "How Green is Internet?" event at Google, and at the 1:10 mark he says that he doesn't see the word "climate" in the word cloud for the event.  Which then gets Al Gore launching into how important the climate is.

During Eric Schmidt's talk he starts out saying how great Google is because "anybody says something slightly off ... you check. What a way to live your life. ... someone says something, and you say oh that's kind of a surprise let me check and see if that is true."

Al Gore starts his talk looking for a way to say how people don't pay attention to climate.  Eric Schmidt starts his talk with the culture of questioning what others say.

Below is the word cloud that Al Gore refers to.  In alphabetic order right after change and before cost is the word "climate".  Climate is small, and Al Gore says it may be too small to see.  Al said he couldn't see it.  The list is alphabetical order, not random.


This illustrates a point that Eric Schmidt is to imagine what could happen with climate change if people had a culture to check the facts others say.

Some people are big Al Gore fans.  I think I am more of a fan of facts and data. :-)  I can see "climate" pretty clearly in the above graphic.  How many attendees or watchers of Al Gore's video would accept as a fact that "climate" was missing or too small to read.